Ask Me Anything!

Hi everyone, 

Ask Me Anything!

I’m heading to the Australian bush to finish my project, Lonely Wind, Roaring Sky. Want to know anything about doing field research for a book project? Making photographs for a book? Traveling as part of an art practice? Meeting people and working with them as collaborators and photographic subjects? 

In my last post, I dove into the historical archive of photographs of the Australian bush in order to spend some time thinking through the complexity of this space and its colonial legacy. I’m wrestling with the classic problem of the politics of representation. Let’s talk about this. Have you struggled with this in your work? Have you seen photographs or writing on the topic that has moved you? What is our responsibility as photographers?

And feel free to ask about anything at all. The floor is yours. Get those questions to me starting now and through Wednesday. I'll post responses to them Friday morning 9am-11am EST (New York time).

Enjoy your week,